Sound Packs

Commission a custom sound Design audio asset Pack

Custom Music

Commission an Original Score for your project


Services to get sounds working within your game

FUll Audio Package

Wall to wall coverage for all of your projects audio needs

The one


1 sound

You need one hyper specific designed sound to fit your unique animation, style etc.

Just the Basics


>50 sounds

You only need a handful of specific sounds to fill in the gaps. 

The Good Stuff


100-300 sounds

You need a full pack to take care of an aspect of your game. This could be all your combat sounds, all the foley etc



300-600 sounds

You need a complete pack to take care of an average sized game

We Need to talk


600+ sounds

You're working on a massive project that demands an extensive asset library. If this is you we recommend you consider out Full Audio Package so we can help you organize and maintain this beast of a project. 


We can provide looping or non looping musical cues for your game, scene or trailer on commission. Depending on the project we generally charge $150 per minute and a flat rate of $75 for any single cue under a minute. If your music will require external services, live orchestra, authentic Banjo recordnig etc. it could cost extra


We'll make the sounds work within your game engine. We currently use Wwise and Unity. Contact us for a quote and more information

Full Audio Package

First we'll asses your game and develop a plan for what you'll need and how long it will take us. This part is completely free. Even if you decide not to go with us we hope to help you sort out what you'll need and establish a plan to finish your game

Second we'll give you a quote and arrange a fair payment plan. It's impossible to estimate how much this service will cost until we know more about your game and set up checkpoints to follow along them way to make sure everything is going the way you want it.

third we get to work. Linking up with you to review checkpoints and refine the sound of your game until everything is just right!


Custom Audio Assets